Does emclient do auto correct on spelling?

trying if you would do auto correct whilst spelling and other auto correct like starting a new sentence it auto uses a cap letter to start, just like in outlook.

auto-corection is not implemented, but you can enable “Capitalize first letter of sentences.” in Settings - Compose.

I found, and then lost, a list of automatic corrections, to which I was able to add things like i’ > I’, so that i’m > I’m, i’ve > I’ve, i’ll > I’ll automatically, the way Word does it. One can also add automatic captalization of names of countries, etc. Does anyone know where this appears in the settings?

I would love to see this feature added. Even if it was just the ability to create your own auto correct for shortcuts. In Outlook I had tons of short cuts built in for people & company names, commonly used words etc. Even if that was all that was added you could simply copy Word’s autocorrect list into eMClient.

Spelling auto-correct is the first thing I would turn off (I’m in the UK & get very annoyed with ‘other’ spelling forced down my throat)

emclient does spell check, which is fine.

When is this planned for?

Sorry, I cannot provide you any exact ETA.

The Capitalize first letter of sentences only works for sentences that end in a period. It would be nice if it worked with other punctuation like ? ! and :


this is issue and we will address this as fast as we can.


We need autocorrect. It’s a massive PITA not having it. It is enough to make me not use the email part of the client till it’s implemented. I’ve just started writing my first email with em client and the lack of autocorrect is a huge inconvenience. I’m moving client due to the calendar in outlook being rubbish. You can’t colour what you put on there like you can categorise in em client.

Please get autocorrect implemented otherwise I’ll have to use Outlook for email and a stand alone calendar client.


Unfortunately we do not plan to implement auto correct in foreseeable future.

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EDIT: you can turn in Tools - settings - Mail - Compose “Capitalize first letter of sentences”, that is all we offer at the moment.

Hi John,

I too would like autocorrect / autotext. I used it a lot in Outlook and it is a real convenience and time saver. Each new release of Outlook has gotten worse and worse with this feature I believe, but it is great to have. I hope you can add it. Thanks a lot.


Hi, unfortunately nothings has changed since my last post 3 months ago, but if other users will vote, we might consider it to be implemented.


Just adding my encouragement on this.  It can be simple if we just add our own corrections. You can have just a few in the base dictionary like i/I and contractions using it - maybe a few capitalizations.  I remember finding one of these over the when I was doing software work many years ago.  Also found an OTC thesaurus (almost trivial to implement).  I think you can implement Microsoft’s thesaurus.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.


After more than12 years with Outlook on PC  (I loved it), compatibility issues forced me to change :-(  I imported a huge .pst file into Thunderbird, duly updated to 38.3.0 (10th Oct 2015) and things were fine. Good file structure (same as OL)
*** HOWEVER I am now looking for an alternative to TB because, I am now on a Mac and
1.   there is no viable Autocorrect in TB - essential for me writing in English and French. e.g., I need accents added automatically…  and
2.   RE-sending a mail to multiple recipients (easily done in OL from the “sent items” folder) is seemingly not possible (TB on Mac).

Will EmClient handle these 2 points which are vital for me, AND also allows  tree filing/archiving system of files? 

If the answer is “No”, I shall not be using EmClient, but will continue my search for an email client that features these ‘essentials’

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you can resend a mail to multiple users by choosing the ‘reply to all’ option which will put all the contacts in the ‘To:’ text field again.
Auto-correction is unfortunately not implemented though.

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Thanks Olivia - in that case, sad to say, Em’ is not for me… I imagine that it will be added at some point to make it competitive, and at that point, I’ll make the comparison.
Goodly wishes :slight_smile: