Does eM mail have a send and file feature

When sending a new email, I would like to select a folder to store the email when I am sending it. Is there a “send and file” option?

Hi Michael, unfortunately there’s no setting for this, copy to folder feature is under considerations but it’s not completely set if it’s gonna be implemented.
You can setup a rule that copy’s all your sent mail into a folder, or set a bunch of different rules to file your email, but I understand this is not the easiest option.

Thank you for understanding,

Wow Paul, what a fast response. Thanks for taking the time to send a response. If and when the time comes, I think you will find the send and file feature will  be a welcome addition especially for folks who use their mail folders to keep things organized. Many of us small business owners come from large organizations where we lived by our mail folder organization :slight_smile: