Does eM Client work with Win7 x64?


I’ve just bought a new laptop with Win7 x64, and was wondering if eM Client will work on it - preferrable in native x64 mode?


Yes. It works natively in 64bit and also Windows 7. In fact, major part of our development team use this exact configuration currently.

Excellent Michal, thanks for the reply – this was the final hurdle in my intended “total MS Office replacement” strategy for the new laptop – I am going to test eM Client as my mail client and the rest of the tool-set will all be open source :slight_smile:


Just curious - why am I runnning this out of Program Files (x86) if it is native to x64?
(I’m driving a desktop and laptop with Win 7 x64 and desperately hoping to find a better option to replace outLOOK-at-my-frozen-computer).