Does eM Client support the IMAP "IDLE" command?

I’m evaluating eM Client as a Thunderbird replacement and so far am very impressed with the integration with google calendars and contacts. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out, however, is how to have my IMAP connection to google constantly checking mail. I believe this feature in thunderbird uses the IMAP “IDLE” command. Is that feature of IMAP supported by eM Client? if not, is it on the future roadmap? Instant notifications is one of the features of IMAP I like the best

any answers?

Common mis-perception. Thunderbird’s own knowledge base has an article on this:…

In short, no IMAP IDLE is being majority used by mobile phone. To save power consumption by avoiding consistently connect to the net.

Yes, eM Client support push mail if the server provide the support, such as Google via IMAP. You wouldn’t need to check the e-mail for new mail. Mail would be automatically delivered as soon as it arrived in its server.

I want to know if eMClient support IMAP IDLE commands not only for new incoming message

I want to know if eMClient supports IMAP IDLE commands not only when you receive a message, but also when you mark as read or unread message, and how fast it is. Do I have to wait until the time of configured syncing mail time? Or is immediate (IDLE command)?

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I’ve already find the answer:…