Does eM Client support the Google drive option?

Want to use this option, since I share docs between friends.


Google Drive will not be implemented as it has nothing to do with emails. eM Client is eM Client that is why we focus on email functions mainly.

but there is official app from Google that can serve you.


John, can you clarify this? My dat mail file on em is now 11GB. I want to keep my data files backed up and synced to a cloud service (eg google drive). I suppose every day we write data to that .dat file it changes, so a sync optoin would try and re-upload the entire 11GB file daily. And i’m in Ghana on slower connex. So with outlook, i used to archive emails to another .pst file and keep those synced and keep my current .pst file smaller. I don’t see how to do that with EM client? Do you have any suggestions how we can keep a backed up copy of our dat. file on one of the automatic sync services?

Hi, unfortunately as John mentioned implementing Google Drive into the application is currently not planned.
For keeping an up to date backup of your data, you can use the automatic backup feature which creates once in a while a full backup of your database and settings etc.

If you’re using Google Drive application, you should have a Google Drive Folder on your computer, you might be able to choose that folder as a folder for your automatic backup in eM Client, however I can’t be completely sure about this solution, but it should work.

Thank you for understanding, hope this helps,

thanks Paul. I see an auto archive feature, but only a manual backup under File. Is there an automatic backup option where i can schedule backups?

Yes you can in Tools > Settings > General > Backup.
Hope it helps.

Thank you,