Does EM Client support messages about almost full inbox?

When I was using Thunderbird, or when I opened the email in my browser, it would notify me that my inbox is for example 94% full. Is it possible to get this feature here as well? Or at least to show somewhere how much free space there is left?

This may be dependent on your server, but for many providers if you right-click on a folder and choose Properties > Quota, you will see what you are using.

eM Client does not offer a feature to warn you when you are approaching capacity, but your email provider might. Check if they can send an email warning.

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Yeah @Gary I do like the right click “All Mail / Properties / Quota” folder option in eM Client for Gmail.

Thanks for the reply. I did go to Properties -> Quota, but I get a message: “[IMAP]Unable to get quota information, server responded with an error: Mailbox does not exist.”

Which is strange because my mailbox normally syncs otherwise.