Does eM client support local mailboxes?

It would be super userful for me to have local mailboxes.

That is not possible with IMAP or Exchange because the messages are stored on the server, and eM Client only shows you a cached version of them.

With POP3 the mailbox is always local, so the messages are stored locally and not on the server.

Hi. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear.
I have a substantial amount of email archives (20 years). Right now it is stored locally in an mbox file, which I imported into Apple Mail. I am increasingly having problems with Apple Mail. So I’m looking to bring over those mailboxes, importing them from the mbox files. I also prefer to archive some mail locally rather than in an IMAP server. So I like to be able to drag it from the IMAP server to a local mailbox. Outlook and Apple mail support this functionality. Is there a way to bulk important multiple mailboxes without downloading them via POP?

Sure, you can use Local Folders for that purpose. Enable them if not already visible in Preferences > General > Show Local Folders.

You can import your mbox file to those folders, and you can drag messages from IMAP and Exchange folders to those folders.

That’s great. Thanks.