Does eM Client support ActiveSync?

Does eM Client support ActiveSync?

Unfortunately, eM Client does not support Active Sync at the moment, but the feature is in development.

However, our IceWarp Mail Server 10 supports ActiveSync and allows seamless synchronization with eM Client -> visit for a free trial!

Your answer to the Activesync support question is almost 2 years old. Is there any status. I like eM Client but need to be able to sync via USB to my HP IPAQ. You said this was in development 2 years ago. Please let me know. My alternative is EssentialPIM which does support Activesync.
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Activesync on desktop is really a strong request

I think this would enable synchronisation with, too.

I think this is very good idea and that is why we have it already implemented :slight_smile:

I’m talking about full synchronisation. I believe ActiveSync also supports tasks and calendars, but eM Client only appears to support e-mails and contacts for Hotmail accounts.

Sam is absolutely right. Kalendars and task are a strong need.
Doesn’t AirSync support these?

We are working on it!

hi. after 20 minutes browsing the internet to get the answer, can you please answer this unique question:

does emClient actual version 5.0.17595.0 (downloaded yesterday) support activesync with any other company who supports activesync (I mean, other than Gmail) ?

and if YES, how and where can I enter my username from my actual webmail provider (which support active sync)… ?


There is a thread somewhere here where the devs are looking for beta testers to test ‘proper’ activesync.

Have a search and I’m sure you’ll find it.

Please contact me at if you are interested in beta testing ActiveSync support. It is NOT supported in the currently released version.

I am interested in beta testing ActiveSync support, let me know way forward

Hi, i would alos be interested in beta-testing.
I use a german OX-Infrastructure -
If you need some more beta-testers, feel free to contact me.

Exactly this is also in my interest! :slight_smile:


If anyone wants to be beta tester contact me on with request - I will add you to the list from which we select our tester.

with regards

So far the Beta of EM 6 IS AMAZING… love the active sync (airsync)! Having a client that now supports Active Sync and unified inboxes is the BEST thing that has happened to the email client world! I am running Kerio Connect version 8.1 by the way.

thank you for your support.