Does eM Client still stop working if it can't contact the update server after X days?

I recently discovered that eM Client used to stop working if it couldn’t contact its update server for 14 days. (Reference:…)

Is this still the case? If so, it’s almost a show-stopper for me; if my Internet connection stops working or I move house, I definitely don’t want to be without offline access to my Google account data.

I won’t stop working, you will still be able to access all your data in offline mode.

Help! I copied my hard disk over to a new hard disk and EM client won’t go into online mode because it says I haven’t accessed the server in 14 days.  I have accessed the server , just this past Friday.  I can’t communicate with you via email since my email is now down without EM Client.

Hi, is eM client still using the license you were using in your previous license? If you were using a pro license or a free license key, please go to eM Client > Help > License. And check if you still have this license active.
Also what version of eM Client are you currently using? Are you using firewall/proxy/antivirus software with email protection on your computer?

Thank you,

Hi, i am also experiencing this problem.
I believe that my eM client is being prevented to contact the update server, due to our proxy.
I would like to add an expetion to our proxy for eM client to be able to contact the update server, but I cannot find which default port is used to contact the update server.

If eMclient can send me these details then I could add an exception in our proxy.

Thank you

Hi Josh, if you want to setup an exception on your proxy, please make sure to enable contacting or Port 80 on your proxy, this should resolve the issue.

Hope this helps,

I have installed a single user eM Client on both my computer and also that of my wife. I am currently away travelling and my wife has called me from home in a panic as she has this announcement. I have never had this when using my laptop at home on the same router my wife is now using or now while away using a 4G adapter through a local ISP. Are there any simple instructions I can give her to clear this warning and have her eM Client continue to function?

Hello Brian, this message can only occur when the application is unable to connect to our licensing server, if the issue continues to display, it means something may be blocking the connection with the server, that can happen when a security software is enabled on the computer, or in case the server experiences downtime (I’m not aware of any licensing server downtime in the recent days). Let your wife check the license window in Help > License and let her check if her license is displayed as active.


Hello Paul, many thanks for your prompt response. With Skype contact this morning and asking for Help>Licence to be invoked, all was in order … name, issue date, licence for version (6), users (1), licence type (free), with the window showing ‘Deactivate’, implying status as being ‘Active’. Plus no repeat of the warning message. All rather a false alarm and just a hiccup on her firewall perhaps, so please excuse the panic.

Thanks again for a great program and support.

Best, Brian.

Glad it works, make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.