Does eM Client have a Mac version?


Not yet… I suppose it would be easier to develop for the Mac if there was a full support for the .NET framework for the Mac.

Let me know when you do - Thunderbird is awful and Outlook. . .

In longer time horizon we plan to support more platforms together with implementing Silverlight version of eM Client that can solve that issue.

What’s a Silverlight version? Is this a version that will work with a Mac OS?

It will be released in long time horizon and yes, it will work on Mac OS.

Any update as potential timing of an OSX release? I am attempting to decide between building a new desktop or transition to the Mac world (outside of the iPad, iPod, etc.). Thanks.

mac has IMAP, CalDav and CardDAV built in so you do not need eM Client

The problem with Mac’s native programs mail and calendar is there is no “integrated” presentation of both the calendar and the mail in a single presentation - when viewing mail, the calendar is out of view and vice versa. Outlook, Thunderbird, eM Client offer a consolidated view of both mail and calendar.