Does AVG free work with this free email program?

I was using Thunderbird for email and AVG Free for anti-virus but now AVG will not work with the upgraded Thunderbird. I did not know AVG was not scanning my email and ended up with 2 viruses. So now I am trying to find a good email program and anti-virus.

With software update regularly these days, and threat getting more and more, it hard for anti-virus vendor to keep up with updates of software. However, a good AV will scan on activity, such as when opening attachment, despite not scanning with the e-mail program on retrieve.

For paid solution ESET NOD32 has always being my favourite, and Avira has proven itself many times despite for free. I know it a personal choice, but AVG has being short of consistent reliable protection through out the years. Bottom line, it up to the user’s judgement to keep their PC virus free. One can use the best software AV solutions, but it not going to protect him/her if he/she allows every activity on warning. And if there’s no warning at all, you know the software is not good enough or configured properly.

PS. I’m using NOD32 2.7, a 2006 AV solution that keep me virus free till today.

We tested eM Client with AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012 and the results were satisfactory - it worked together without issues.

It is good to know the products work together. I can’t get AVG to scan eM Client emails, it only scans my outlook express. I made eM Client the default programme
but AVG doesn’t scan incoming messages. How do I configure the programme?