Does anyone know of a way to delete categories?

When I sync with my Gmail account, all of the email folders come in as categories. As a result, I have a bunch of unwanted categories that I have to scroll through to find the ones that I created in eM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Assuming V7  try this
1  in emclient   Menu-Tools_Settings_Mail_Read     unclick conversations
2  In gmail  settings  labels   turn off the categories that gmail has built in

Note ver 7 no longer has a heading column for individual folders  only all mail will show up in folder heading and trash junk 

I dont use categories  so may be I did not answer your question

Thanks Richard. I will try your solution. I don’t use categories either but I am trying them out to see if I like them. I think I am dealing with the digital debris of moving from Outlook to Gmail to emClient.

I sent my mail to show in groups  (dates)  so all today’s is up front followed by the next day or week.
Menu-tools-settings-mail-read    message list on bottom   show in groups    set default to new messages on top  

Thanks again. I have multiple emails and projects that I am trying to identify in my unified inbox. Since emC doesn’t allow for color coding my different accounts, I am trying to come up with a different solution. I think I have solved it by setting rules that categorize my emails as they come in and then setting my text color based on Category.