Does anyone have experience with the Zebnet eM Client backup? I bought it, but when I tried to restore files it simply didn't work at all.

Does anyone have experience with the Zebnet eM Client backup? I bought it, but when I needed to use it to restore files it simply didn’t work at all.

Hi Nick, not completely sure what you’re referring to as Zebnet eM Client backup, not sure what Zebnet is.
If you want to backup your eM Client database you should be able to do so by using the built in backup and restore feature.

Using a different backup application for eMClient’s database can some times result in database corruption if the backup program tries to access the application database while eM Client is initialized.


Zebnet is a UK software company which offers a range of add-ons for popular products.  They look quite good, and offer some functionality which your internal backup does not.  The trouble is that when you need to restore your files after a crash it just doesn’t work, and their “support” is useless and rude.  I wonder whether the entire Zebnet operation is a scam.  If so, you don’t really want them selling a “backup for eM Client” service.

Anyway, the internal backup worked - fortunately I had kept the backup files elsewhere - so all is well.

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Hi Nick, thank you for sharing this with us, this appears as a small product that should help you to backup App Data folders for application - e.g. essentially the same feature our built-in backup feature does, I’m not completely sure what you’re having issues with but unfortunately this is not a supported feature/product.

In order to keep a backup of the application please use the built-in feature, as eM Client does not support any add-on products, and using their options may result in database corruption or other issues with the application.

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Hi Nick

I read your 1st post & was suspicous of Zebnet immediately, but decided not to post, however now that Paul has! To support that range/number of back up apps would need a lot of resources.  There is no info on the versions of clients supported. So as eM Client is proprietary Zebnet would need version change data from eM Client to test wether a change was needed, they don’t get this. So even if the app ‘worked’ with V6.0.1XXx it might not work with V6.0.21XX. The response you have experienced supports my concern.

ps. I use file export (eml) for ‘independant’ back up.