Do you belive LoVe at first sight?

Well I have been using WLM2012 for a long time. After Microsoft decided to give nothing for free and sabotage their own email client I started to struggle between Windows Essential Mail and Outlook and some other free programs.

With all it was pain to set up my company email account but eM did it automatically.
With all it was pain to manage mails, trust to security, configure or to operate the software but eM ROCKS!!

Thanks good finally my licensed Outlook crushed and decided not to get opened in the middle of an important job which I needed my emails the most and so I downloaded eM Client!

This is LoVe at first sight!!!
I would like to thank anybody and everybody who have helped to develop and publish this software.

After my 45days of trial if everything goes perfect as now I will definitely buy the pro version to thank to eM Client inc. in person.

I agree with everything you say. I use the free v6 and it even exceeds WLM and out performs Outlook in all the areas I wish to use. One especially is the ability to easily set up  email contact folders to bulk send to predetermined  people. Something that Outlook does not do but WLM did.
Well done £EM Client

I found the “show the week number” option at the calendar setup and I was wishing for that for a long time :))
I agree with you about bulk send option and I am sure that I will find out much more good options ;) 

Hello Kavame,
thank you very much for your kind words, we try our best to provide the best email client for Windows.
We hope eM Client serves you well :slight_smile:

(I just must point out that the trial is only 30 days, not 45 :slight_smile: eM Client will warn you few days before the trial ends though).


Does the free version have expiration date too?

You need to register the free version then you have no expiration date , see main site em

That’s what I’m talking about :wink: