Do not include inline images in the replies

Minor request: I think it would be useful to configure the system to ask or by setting include or not attachments in replies.

If I receive an email with some pics and I want to say thanks, I don’t want to send pics back to the sender.

The system could ask me or I’d like to configure this in the setting or (maybe) a flag in the reply window to include attachments or not.


Note: This topic was created from a reply on the eM Client 6 BETA 2 released topic.

Good point. “Do you want to include all images/attachments in the reply/forwarded message?” [x] Don’t ask me again.

That would help those that do not know what they do to save receivers mail quota.

Or save my own 3G quota :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriuosly… I think that question box after a click are not good…

I would prefer a global settings in order to give the application a default way (include attachments in reply/forward) and then in the reply/forward mail windows a checkbox (by default activated or not based on my choice in the settings) that I can use to include/exclude attachments for the mail I’m writing.

So I can also change my mind later before pushing SEND.

I just have to click on the checkbox…

Well, setting an option for an option/check box to appear…
Lockig at it the other way round would be an Action menu entry and/or icon “remove legacy images/attachments” or so.

I would keep the checkbox in the mail window (the one used to write/reply I mean) permanently so I can add/discard all the attachments with one click… the config setting it’s just to change the default behaviour of the system to include/exclude attachments.


At least this is not a beta fix issue. Request should be moved to vote forum.



this sounds good, I have put it under “under consideration”.


Thanks John…


you are welcome.