Do I have to deactivate and reactivate to retain my free version ?on?

I keep getting emails telling me to activate my free version (after upgrading to v.8 btw) with an activation key. I have had a free license since 2017 with no issues.

When I follow instructions sent with the key — Help>License— I see that I am already activated but that my trial version of v.8 runs out on 07-26-2020. What trial version ? Thought I simply upgraded to v. 8. So—come 07-26-2020 will I have to use the activation key to continue my free version which I have used since 2017 ? Or — should I deactivate now and reactivate with the key ? Confused. Thanks.

I have been dealing with the same ‘unknown’ since I upgraded last week. under license menu selection , its says I have a v8 license, number of users is 1 and license type - Free(v8 trial until 8/15/20). Based on everything I can find out, this will convert to a Free license after 8/15/20, however you will be ‘nagged’ via a ‘box’ that says ‘Buy em Pro license. em Client evaluation period will end in XX days’. this nagging will start about a week before the end of the eval period.
I upgraded to v8 from v7 by ‘checking for S/W updates’ in V7. I can’t say for sure that this is what will happen when my trial period is over, but it is the what I have been able to find out so far.