Do I have a pro license key?

I have a license key that begins with 78c7393f. Is this a pro license key? I am unable to add a third email account because the software tells me I need to buy a “Pro” license. What did I do wrong?
Great software! Can’t do with out it!

Go to menu/help/license and it will tell you what type of license you have.

Did you pay for it?

I believe I bought 3 licenses for 3 different machines. I guess I was under the impression that these were pro licenses. So now am I going to have to buy 3 pro licenses to be able to use three different email accounts on all of my machines?

You can only buy a pro license, non-pro licenses are free, so if you paid for the licenses, I would contact eM Client directly.

That being said, yes, you will need a separate license for each device.  They do have significant discounts for multiple license purchases.