Do accounts added to Mac version automatically add to ios?

If I set up all of my accounts on the Mac app, do I have to add them all over again on my iPhone and iPad? Or will they somehow sync? How? Thanks.

Any questions on the Beta app, are currently to be sent to [email protected] .

However from using the apps for a while here is what I know.

If you add new accounts on eM Client for Mac desktop (as that is only locally on each device), then you would need to either manually add the new account to match on your iPhone & iPad.


Delete everything on your eM Client iPhone and iPad apps like new and then re-export the QR code from eM Client V9 PC or Mac desktop to the iPhone & iPad devices so it then matches.

So if you are only just adding a eg: new account to the desktop and not new tags or rules etc, then I would just manually add the new account to the mobile and tablet eM Client apps. This will also then save you redownloading & re-caching again your existing mobile & tablet apps account mail.

However if you have also added new tags or rules etc as well as new accounts to eM Client for desktop, then I would suggest to do the re-export of the QR Code option after deleting everything from the eM Client mobile and tablet apps to save you alot of time resetting everything up again.