DL Gmail backup - then delete the gmail emails and KEEP the versions on the eM client

I am no longer comfortable leaving 8 years of emails sitting on a cloud/alt server anywhere. I want to DL them to my local HD where I can review at a later date. Here is the kicker. I see the eM Client has ability to delete emails from Gmail in bulk much easier than gmail…who basically does not offer that. So once I make my local copy I need to use the eM Client interface to delete the emails from Gmail…BUT need to ensure it does not resync and delete my local copies after…Can this be done? Thanks.

I do see that I can make a local back up - but when I make another back up will it overwrite the old back up and then lose data? I am ok with whatever structure it is I can always just copy the file before the next back up and be good. I may need to do this every so often as my main goal is to delete the emails off from gmail, hotmail etc. Thinking here is if I delete the gmail emails once the back up happens again it will replace the back up file with the newer smaller file…when what I am hoping for really is for the back up to “append” the records not sync or replace old records. I.E. the back up will NEVER remove data from teh back up folder only possibily add to it.

I do not want a lengthy record on the servers of strangers…hey just because I am paranoid “doesn’t” mean they are not out to get me =P


you can use Tools - Settings - Mail - Automatic Archiving for this, all you need to setup for this like how old emails you want to be archived or from what accounts is there for you.