distribution lists

I have set up three distribution lists in EM client Ver 7. However when I go to the title of the distribution list and click on details there are no contacts saved. How do I see the contact names in the distribution list. Also how do I update them if I cannot see them.

Please help as I am tired of creating these distribution lists.

Wow …surely there is someone out there that can answer this problem. When I set up a distribution list and then go to it and open “Details” there are no emails showing?? Is this a problem with Ver 7? Please help!!!

I have no problems with distribution lists in V7.  Where are you seeing “Details”? If you right click on the list and choose “Open” (or double click), the list details show and you can add/delete members

Thank you very much for the response and the instructions. That worked perfectly. Not sure why I was not able to get it the first time but it now works great!
That being said I would still like to see an option added where the distributions lists are kept separate from the contacts like in WLM.

Thanks again for the help…much appreciated.