Distribution lists - email

I would like to make separate distribution lists for email campaigns. I think I know how to make one, but I do not find them again!

Click the down arrow next to New, and select Distribution List.

Thank you, that is a good 1. step.
Now, how do I copy / transfer contacts from my ordinary contact list, over to the new distribution list?

I found that one out;-)
The original question remains - where is the new list, how do I get it back after I click “save”?

There are two ways you can do that: select all the contacts you want in the list and then right-click > Create distribution list, or after creating the list as I commented above you can click on the add members button.

The distribution list will be saved in your Contacts. The specific folder is listed at the bottom of the Distribution List, and can be changed by clicking on it.

Indeed it is, Gary;-)
Thank you so much.