Distribution lists does not show the number of members (Suggestion)

It would be a nice feature if when you open distribution lists it show how much member it have.
My mail provider limit sending emails to a maximum of 50 users. My father writes articles to local newspaper, and send e-mails to them every week. We have groups (distribution lists) to send them, But after creating it, we do not have how to know if it has more than 50 members or not. It would be a nice (and simple) feature to add to distribution lists. 

Or maybe a even more “wanted” function: Would be amazing if we could create one group with, I don’t know, 250 e-mails, and eM Client automatically divides it into groups of 50 users to send it without error from mail provider. I know it is a bit utopic - but would be amazing (at least, for us) if this function exists.

Another suggestion would be add a way to separate distribution lists from contacts. I had to create a new folder only with groups to facilitate the localization of groups. It is not a big issue - just a suggestion.

Hello Eduardo,

Thank you for the valuable feedback, we appreciate the suggestions.