Distribution lists becoming blank

Any news for dist lists versus contact lists iin yahoo and google. Em issues forced me to abandon the software and use another but em has a nicer interface if fix dist lists

Me too, and I downloaded EM Client BECAUSE you have distribution lists, unlike Outlook. Looks like I will have to look elsewhere :frowning:

This problem is still unfixed - 3 years later!!! It’s got nothing to do with yahoo or goggle, it’s a bug in emclient!!

I have the same problem.  I create a distribution list in em Client as per the instructions in the guide - sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn’t.  Even if it does, when I close and re-open emClient the list is empty.  This problem is driving me batty.  It is a basic function of an emClient - is there a solution for this yet?

Yes, there appears to be! You have to turn on ‘Show local folders’ in Tools/Settings. Then when you create your distribution lists, click on the /Contacts/ at the bottom left of the Dist. List box, drop down ‘Local’ Folders’ and make sure the lists are saved in Contacts in there, not in your msn or Hotmail or whatever, folder. This was shown o me by the support team, and it seems to work for us. Hope that helps!

Thank you Joanna.  I will try it out.  I appreciate your reply.  It seems lots of people have the same problem.

Hello, I have the same problem in 2019 ! how synchronize Google Groups and Distribution list in Em client ? Any ideas ? 
Thanks from France

You can’t sync a Google Group to an eM Client Distribution List because they are not the same thing. A Google Group is a collection of contacts, whereas a distribution list is a specialized contact that contains a list of email addresses/contacts.

What you can do is select all the contacts in the Google Group and by right-click choose Create Distribution List.

Be aware that not all servers will support the format, so if the distribution list is synced to a server, it may end up empty. This is the topic of this thread. The solution is to save the distribution list in a local folder as suggested above.