distribution list

I have read most of the problems involved in setting up a distribution list but am still confused. So far all I can do is add one contact by right clicking on the contact in the contacts list and then selecting distribution list from the options window. I can’t add more than one at a time. With one contact on my list and selecting + add member I can’t find my contacts list. Selecting from address book doesn’t help either. Please advise. Vic

Try opening a distribution list (or cresting a new one) and click on “+Add Member”.  Select “From address book”.  This will bring up a list and you can select multiple items by checking the boxes next to the contact name.  Does this help, or am I misunderstanding your issue?

Thanks for your response Jay.
With existing distribution list open I click on +add member and select “From address book”.
A box opens called Select Contact and the only contact shown is the one that I right clicked on to set the distribution list up originally. My options now are to select +add which brings up another box with nothing in it or select local/folders/contacts which offers All contacts or Contacts but neither open my contacts list.

That’s definitely not how it works for me.  When I edit a distribution list, it brings up the full contact list.  Do you have “All contacts” selected as in the attached screen shot?

Yes that’s exactly what I have selected but here are no contacts shown to select.
I imported about 100 contacts from WLM and have been using them regularly with em client so there is no problem with the list. I have tried everything to get this D list working and it’s a mystery now.

Make sure the local folders contacts is checked.  I believe that’s where the imported contacts go.

My L/H nav bar doesn’t have those options below Contacts.

Ahhh… go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”

That box was already selected.