Distribution List Issues (First time in six months)

I have had the same problem as others reported back in January. I have emClient 5.0.17399.0 (part of the Softmaker Office Pro 2012 Suite). I have created several distribution lists with no problems in the past six months. But within the past week, I created a new one with 17 entries (name and email for each person) and then used it once for a group mailing WITH NO PROBLEMS. HOWEVER, about five days later, I added 19 more entries (fyi, the open distribution list closed on its own partway through the adding process, and I had to reopen it, in case that information is relevant). This time, with 36 in the expanded saved list, the mail only went to two people! So to send an announcement to the 36 people, I had to add all 36 entries separately in an outgoing message to get it to the group successfully. Today, I added one more new entry to that same distribution list. When I entered the distribution list to the address list of a composition window for a new group announcement, only the NEWEST individual entry (the one ADDED today) showed up in the list, instead of all 37!

What a pain this development is, and I don’t know what caused it suddenly, having successfully developed and used other distributions in the last six months.

What can I do here? I saved the .vcf file to my desktop, in case any staff person would like to see it.

Equally importantly, what can I do to prevent this from happening when developing future distribution lists?

To resolve this, I deleted the distribution list (but not its members, of course) entirely, then re-entered each and every member from the “select members” feature into a new distribution list. I gave this new list the same name as the former (now deleted) list. I did NOT use the “add new” feature this time, since I had entered the data for every member of the original list the first time I developed the list via a combination of “select members” and “add new” features.

I just ran a test message using the new list, and it works! I think the problem has been that the first time I developed this list, I used a combination of “select members” AND “add new,” and the list itself was closed automatically by eMClient at one point in the middle of my operation, possibly due to the time it was taking to “add new” members.

I hope this note is helpful to others who are setting up distribution lists: Make sure EVERY list member is entered into the address book BEFORE starting a new distribution list - I.e., use the “select members” feature and NOT the “add new” feature, since all members are already entered into the address book before setting up the distribution list.