Distribution List Function Missing

The option to create a distribution list is missing. If I go to Contacts / File / Options it is no longer listed. The usual frantic hunt elsewhere didn’t find it.

Existing distribution lists I set up some while ago work fine, and can be edited.

I have a Free licence - has the function been discontinued there, or am I just being dumb and looking in the wrong place?

Any advice given will be welcome.

Click Contacts at bottom of folder list
Click on drop down arrow next to NEW
Click on Distribution List

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Thank you very much, sunriseal, problem solved.

I’m slightly embarrassed at not finding it, but only slightly, as it’s a pretty obscure piece of design, with two different functions within one button, depending which part you click.

Great… as long as it now works.

I would suggest you direct your other comments to eM Client by posting in the “Feature Request” forum or by opening a support ticket if you are a PRO customer.