Distribution List Duplications and deletions

I created a distribution list by typing in about 100 names and emails, copied from Windows Live Mail.  I’m assuming a distribution list is defined as a subset of my contacts, to which I intend to send select emails.  (What is a category?)  While trying to get eMClient to connect to my email server, I somehow created a number of what seem to be accounts, each with lines for different contacts (Me, Contacts, PersonMetadata, Skype Contacts, Windows Live Contacts).  While clicking through these entries, to see what they were, I  noticed that some of the contact or Me entries had a subset of the full contact list.  Then I noticed in the first account there were fewer than the whole list of contacts I had entered.  Continuing to click on the entries, I saw that a few of the contacts had been duplicated.  And later, even more of the contacts had disappeared.  Now about half of the contacts, including the duplicated ones, are gone from the end of the list.  The last entry starts with L, whereas what I entered ended with Z.  I’m using 7.0.26687.0.  What to do?

Hi, here it ́s the same, EmClient must correct this.

If I understand your problem correctly, you are trying to create a stable distribution list that you will use repeatedly to send selected emails. The easiest way that I have found to do this is to create a category (call it, say, “People to receive email type A”) and place each person in your Contacts List whom you wish to receive this type of email in that category. Note that you can put a single contact in many different categories (e,g, “People to receive email type B” or “C”, etc.) so that a given contact may receive emails of different types.

Then, when you wish to send a message to the people in a given category, you request to “Create a distribution list” and then select the pertinent category to populate the distribution list. At this stage, if you wish,  you can edit the list to exclude one or more people in the category without removing him/them from the category.

One final note: If you populate the “To” line with the distribution list and then click “Send”, every recipient will receive the full list of recipient names. However, if you click “Menu” > “Message” > “Send as mass mail”, each recipient will receive the message as if it is only to him/her.

The other stuff in you request (creating new accounts, etc.) I don’t understand, but it should be irrelevant if I have identified your primary problem correctly and if you follow the above.

Thank you!  That explains how to send to multiple folks.  Now I have to figure out what happened to half my total client list.

When i create a distribution list (list X…), I put same contacts. The next day, a lot of contacts of that list disappears,

Distribution lists have a history of some instability after they are saved. I, also, have had problems with saved distribution lists either losing entries or even disappearing. It may be a problem with your email provider or it could be an issue with eM Client. If the latter, I don’t know whether it has been fixed in recent versions of eM Client. At any rate, the above method of handling the issue works very well and is very stable.

By client list I assume you mean Contact List. If so, have you lost all or part of you list on your email service site when you access it via the Web?

The distribution-list features are problematic.

I’ve found two ways to create a distribution list:

  1. Drop down the New menu, select Distribution List , and use the dialog’s Add Member  control. Or:

  2. Open Contacts and select multiple contacts via Shift+click or Control+click. Right-click anywhere within the list of names/addresses, then select Create distribution list. The highlighted contacts are added.

In either case, a distribution list’s members’ email addresses don’t appear in the Contacts list under the Email column. It seems like a bug. If it’s a feature, what is its benefit?

I created a list not long after I installed eM Client — I can’t remember which of the two methods I used. For the life of me I cannot find it in Contacts. But I can find it if I search for its name. The last time I edited it, I ensured that the Private  box wasn’t checked in case that might affect its visibility.

“Private” or not, the thing does not appear in Contacts. So it exists somewhere — it can be located via search — but where is it?

So I re-created it using the second method shown above. This time it does appear in Contacts. Why is the one visible but not the other?

Exporting Contacts as CSV or HTML files produces output files that don’t contain any email addresses associated with distribution lists — probably reflecting the state of the Contacts list itself. Again: if it isn’t a bug, what is the benefit of that feature?

Also noted: The HTML output file appears with all tags and their contents on a single line. I know, I know, it’s HTML that a browser can read without difficulty, but to me it makes a lot more sense to export “human-readable” HTML (or XML).

I don’t know what you mean “access it via the web”.  I only try to access it within eM Client.  But I can’t see about the last half of the list.  However, I did successfully send an email to one of the addresses that I can’t find anymore, so I know it is there somewhere.  I just need to know where in case I want to modify it, or use it in another distribution list.

I have the exact same problem. I’ve created Distribution Lists on numerous occasions and they all disappear when I try to use them next time. Would love to figure it out as I use them quite often. Live Mail was great for this - and very stable - until it stopped interacting with Hotmail.