Distribution+list+does not save

I set up a distribution list and saved it.  The next day, when I go to eM Client the list name is listed in the contacts, but all of the names are gone.  I have set these lists up several times and can not get them to save.   The day I set it up, I used the list to send an e-mail to the participates of the list and it worked fine.  Next day I looked a list all of the names are gone.

Hello Linda,
what account does this happen on? Is it set up as IMAP/Exchange?


Olivia:  Originally tried to set account as a regular mail account, but it would not retrieve mail because AirSync is not being supported for .msn accounts (per support)  We then established the account using IMAP.  the mail wtarted working, however we lost all of our contacts.  We then signed up the account gain using the AirSync to get our contacts to appear, however we excluded these accounts from sending or retrieving mail.  Our contacts reappeared, so I exported them in a file and re-imported them into the working IMAP account.  This is where we have been updating and managing our contacts ever since.  However, the groups will not save.  I still have the other two account listed but not using them for mail or contacts.