Distribution list: contacts with multiple email addresses, wrong email is used

I found out, that it’s not possible for distributions lists to select the email address to be used, if a contact has more than one address. Okay, I think you’re not going to fix this, this is a very old problem.

But worse, when I manually add a different (e.g. second) email address for a contact to the list, when using the distribution list to create an email, the first (“main”) email address is being used.
But one only finds out when actually sending the email. When composing the email, the correct (second) email address is shown.
So, there is a address change, just when one presses “send”, not earlier.

The vcard view of the distribution list is completly correct.

(There was a paragraph missing from my first reply, so I deleted and reposted)

There is probably some misunderstanding because clicking on the name in the list opens a corresponding contact. But the list is not a collection of contacts, it is essentially a list of names and email addresses. That means a single email address for each name. At the time of adding a contact to the list, that will be the first email address. Any editing done to the contact, except for the name, will not change what is displayed in the distribution list.

If you want to change the email addresses in the list, you can do that by manually adding a new name and email address, and deleting the old one.

The other option is where the problem shows. When you have edited a contact, the edited email address is not displayed in the distribution list, and is only updated in the email when you save your email as a draft or you click on send. Then the email address in the outgoing email is updated with the first address in the contact if it was added from a contact and not manually.

If you want to use a list that is dynamically updated from contacts, it is better to use categories than the static distribution list.