Distinguish locations of search results?

I may simply be overlooking something obvious, but when I pull up a bunch of search results of “all mailboxes” I get a list, but I would like to differentiate that list in terms of where the actual mails reside. IOW I search on “zebra” in “all mailboxes” and eM Client returns fourteen mails. Some of these are in the in box, some in different local folders. How can I tell? Thanks.

I think I may have found my answer, but if you have a moment, please confirm. I think that the only way to distinguish locations of mails is to use the “sort by folders” option in the drop-down at the top. Correct? Thanks again!

sorry for the delay. You are correct, you can sort the messaged very simply by Folders. If you have enabled grouping of messages, you will get the messages separated visually.

I realize this is an old post, but i’m new to eM client and am testing it because of this very deficiency in Outlook365. I’m coming from thunderbird but my company recently went to Outlook365, blech.

This sucks that there isn’t an easy viewing of the location of the search results. AND there is NO Grouping by Folders in my drop down.

I do have Grouping of Messages enabled in Tools.Settings.Mail.Read.MessageList, no problem there, but when I do a search, there is no option for Sorted by Folders. I don’t understand why people don’t clamor for this?

If someone knows what I am doing wrong, I would GREATLY appreciate a heads up.

Thank you,


Holy crap, changed layout to show message at bottom, MUCH better! Allowed folder location as a column in messages window.


Thanks for posting this. Your workaround works, although I don’t particularly care for “bottom view”. The  sad truth is that this client is no longer, as far as I can tell, being seriously worked on. Problems are routinely dismissed or ignored, and as a longtime user I haven’t seen any positive changes in as long as I can remember. eM Client seems to be a dead parrot at this point.