Displaying connected lables/folders with e-mail is missing

This is a great function with distinguishes gmail from most other providers.
1 email can be displayed in an arbitrarily amount of lables/folder WITHOUT increasing the memory. Therefor it is however indispensable to be able to see all lables that belong to 1 email. Please add this function in version 6.


You can create search folders to implement this. In Search field is little gray arrow, click on it and select “Create search folder” then under smart folders will be new drop down “search folder” and under it your folder, right click on it and select properties and you can modify it like you need.


Thanks for your reply, but that is not my problem.
I just want to see in which folders i can find a single e-mail massage.

In gmail this is done by little “stickers” displayed with each email.
Other competitiors like PB have already implemented this function,
which is INDISPENSABLE with the use of “lables” instead of folders.
Qtherwise there is no full g-mail integration.

e.g.: In a music library you also might want to see wich genres are assigned to a certain track.

I hope you can understand the matter with this point.


Yes, I do understand now. This will need a lot work to do (as it requires require much parts of code) but we will do it in the future as we need to adapt to Gmail’s changing features.

Unfortunately I can’t provide time when it will be done.

with regards