Display problems

My trial version of eM Client is running out in three days. So I keep getting these messages that I should choose between the pro version or continuing with the free version.
However, I cannot choose between these two options because I can only see the beginning of the two texts. I suppose there is a box to tick at the end of the texts, but I just cannot see them. There is also no way of scrolling through the texts or making the text boxes bigger.
What can I do?

Do you have your display settings on your computer magnified (to 150% or 200%)? Try decreasing the size to respond to this this popup. You might also get a proper email at the end of your trial version.

Thanks for your feedback. My display settings are magnified to 125%. When I get my next message tomorrow, I will see if going back to 100% will help.
If not, I just hope to get a regular e-mail at the end of my trial period.