Display of Email Header

Is it possible to display the entire header of the message in emClient?


right click on email - View Mail Header.

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I was trying Em CLient and I find it fantastic, it’s fast, the search is fantastic. The thing about the headers though, it doesn’t display the hops, it contains minimal information, since I do support on mail systems for me it’s a must to be a able to consult full headers. Can’t that be implemented? I mean, the information is available in the email itself. Thanks !!!

When you posted this, you already had that ability — right-click, View Headers and View Source were available on every message.

Unfortunately, they got rid of this in emClient 7 … unless you completely open the message … which makes it arduous …

MANY emails contain critical information that must be saved / archived, including core header data: who said what when and on what subject, copied to whom?  In my 30 years of daily working with computers, I have used dozens of different email programs.  ‘Archiving’ important email into any one email program’s folders is like dropping them into a bottomless pit when trying to locate them years later, on different PCs / tablets / smartphones / thumbdrives / etc…  IT IS CRITICALLY ESSENTIAL that the email program allow users to quickly, in one stroke, copy the full body text of imporant emails AND the important header data: who said what when and on what subject, copied to whom? into clipboard … to allow us to archive such files in text archives of our own design, or into letters or reports, etc…   Please give us this easy function.  An email without an intact header is decapitated nonsense.  

Try right-clicking on the message body and select “View mail source” or “View mail header”, right-click in the window and select all and copy. Now on clipboard. Not one stroke, but can any email program do it in one click or stroke?

Thanks, Jay
I’ve tried that, and the header data looks like a shredded phone book: line after line of irrelevant coding.  You have to snip snip out the important parts.  And yes: using THUNDERBIRD with the add-on ImportExportTools I can highlight a message in my que, right mouse click to ‘copy to clipboard - message’ and grab EXACTLY what I need.  But… T Bird has some limitations.  It is subject to freezing with only a few hundred messages … I have to keep clearing old stuff out and compacting to keep it useful.  It’s OK but not great on graphics.  And - eMClient is much better at giving you live access to emails on both desktop and laptop back and forth.  I also note if I FORWARD an email and then COPY/PASTE the whole email & header that works with eM Client, but with sometimes dozens of emails and events going on, it’s easy to mess up an email or send it to people you didn’t intend.   Anyway … eM Client has a lot going for it - but the ability to completely clipboard header+body emails quickly, safely, without a lot of surgery is really important.