"Display name" for email aliases

First of all, let me say thank you for this great piece of software.I don’t know if eM Client is really the best email client for Windows, but, for sure, it’s the best email client for me!
Now, a little request.
When you set an email alias, it doesn’t seem to be possible to set the corresponding display name.
So, when you send an email from the main address, the receiver will see

From: John Doe <[email protected]>

but, when you send an email from one of the aliases, the receiver will just see

From: [email protected]

It would be fine to be able to set a display name also for aliases.



Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I think it would come in handy for more users as well as myself.
We’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.

Thank you for your input,

Another vote to implement this idea!