Display name change not implemented in latest version?

One of big annoyances with this email client over competitors is that it is not possible to set a personal display name for the sender.  Some people don’t bother to set a ‘send as’ name in their client so when the email arrives instead of showing the ‘from’ as their name, it shows their email address or some other funky name.  This then becomes an annoying house-keeping problem because to keep all sent and received emails to/from that person in order, you either have to send back to them using their retarded display name or you end up with emails received from them under one name and emails sent to them under a different name.

There have been discussions about this on these forums over the years with a lot of people requesting it and the last I saw was that this was planned to be implemented in the next release, which would have been this one released a few weeks ago, however when I enter an alias in the ‘display as’ field and click save, absolutely nothing happens.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?

[old thread for reference: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/irregular-display-names-in-from-section]


the thread you quote is not as old and this idea is still under consideration, as is mentioned in the reply in that thread.