Display folder in email header

I always go through new emails via the unread section. When viewing an email you see the “from” and “to” displayed in the header but not the folder the email has been moved into using rules.

As I use so many filters and folders within folders it would be useful to have the folder displayed next to the “to my_email_address” " in this_folder".
It would also be advantageous if it was clickable so the inbox tree expanded and the folder selected, and so altering the list of emails you are viewing to said folder


I would like to second this. And this thread is requesting the same thing:

I would add that when you go to a Tag ‘folder’ it should also have this feature of showing what folder the actual email lives in. And the same functionality should be there for search folders.

When I first started using eM Client about 6 months ago, this was one of the first things I wished it had that I couldn’t find.

And I just want to add, coming from using Thunderbird for the past 10 years or more, I am LOVING eM Client. It’s fast, feature rich, nice to look at, and well thought-out!

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If you use the simplified view, you can choose which columns to include, and one of them is Folder.

Hi. Sorry, I cannot find a simplified view in this version (version 8). I was hoping it could be in the email header next to “To:” as it makes the most sense to put it there.

I have recently realised you can right-click on an email header and select “properties” telling you what folder it is in, but the request here would make it all the much quicker and easier to see and then click on so it takes you directly to the directory.

The message list is by default in the compact view. If you stretch the right border, so making it wider, when it passes 600 pixels (usually the right border will then be somewhere in the middle of your screen) it will change to the simplified view. You can also change the width at which that changes in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.

It is not ideal, but could work in some situations.

Probably a better option is that in either view, but more useful in the compact view, you can also add Folder as a sort option. Obviously this is pointless in the Inbox folder, but very useful in the Unread folder.

Right-click on Sorted by Received, and choose Configure Columns. Select Folder and Add.


Now your Unread folder has the option to sort by folder.


Each in their separate folders, and clicking on Sorted by Folder you can go back to Date when you want.


Hey @Gary, Thanks for this! The simple view isn’t my fav, but by reducing the columns to all be essential, I can make it work.

I still like the suggestion of having it listed in the header of the email as well. :slight_smile:

Yes, I do as well. Having to go to Properties is OK, but a waste of time.