Discussion view like microsoft mail


What I really miss in EM , is the discussion view in your inbox, like microsoft mail.

Using the arrow key to unfold, and clearly see the messages in a certain order, in the discussion.

And also deleting certain messages out of the discussion, while using that view. Just like in microsoft mail. 

Im almost 10% sure people using discussion view, agree with me :) 

Keep up the good work. 

I mean 100% ;D

This is called the ‘conversation view’ in eM Client. Look for it in settings. I don’t have eM Client 7, so I can not show screen shots.

In version 7 Conversations can be set in Menu > View > Conversations

It is a different implementation of conversations than you will find in Outlook or Thunderbird. One thing you can’t do is expand the conversation in the message list to see the included emails. This is done rather in the message detail.

And because of this, you can’t delete individual messages from the conversation in the message list. Again, this can be dome in the message detail. If you delete from the message list, you delete the whole conversation.

I think Outlook users, in particular, struggle with this. It is just a case of unlearning your previous conditioning, and learning something new. I personally struggled with a few things that were done differently from Thunderbird. But after some time I either decided that I was just as or more productive doing it this way, or I really did not need that anyway.

Hi! Thanks for your replies.

I know how to activate the discussion view. Its just I dont like it. And I am unlearning, but I cant get used to at using EM client for a year now. I think the discussion view is just not as good as microsoft. Deleting items in a conversation in EM client is not user friendly. Couple of mouseclicks. Instead of using arrows. Who wants to use mouse clicks? 

My post is requesting the options like microsoft: 

  1. The expanding option in discussion view like microsoft
  2. Deleting individual items that way (by arrow keys).

Anyways. Hope you can put it on the wishlist and monitor if more people see it this way.

Have a good weekend! 

I certainly support you on the option to expand emails in the conversation, but deleting by arrows might be a problem. I personally use the arrows, in their default setting, to navigate the message list. I would hate to press the back arrow to close the group and find my messages deleted.

I mean selecting by arrow, then deleting by pushing delete / backspace.

Deleting items in either application uses the same amount of clicks/strokes. In eM Client, right-click on the message in the message detail, click delete. In Mail, use the arrow or mouse to select the message in the list, click delete. Did I get that right? Maybe an extra stroke or two is required in Mail using only the keyboard :slight_smile:

But I understand your conditioning; you are used to doing it one way, with keystrokes or shortcuts, and this implementation is not to your liking. I don’t think that eM Client is trying to be yet another clone of what is already available. If we see all the same functions and implementations, it would not have the same appeal. If you prefer something else, there are other options. Thunderbird comes closest to offering everything that every other client has, because it is so customizable with the 1000s of add-ons available. But it does not have the same aesthetic that eM Client or AirMail has.