Disastrous updating advice from em client support

Updating a buggy em client (4.0.14690.0) using a link to a new version (4.0.15145) sent from the support results in empty mailboxes. That is not the way to go. Make your homework before selling this program and sending out unusable and disastrous advice!

I had no problems with update to 4.0.15145. All mails from my 9 accounts were existing.

Ever thought about a backup before doing any updates ?

Thanks Frank Stefan for your sarcasm, I really appreciate such comments!
They help me to valuate commentators.

Seriously, here is an update to the process:
0. Off course I did an extra backup before installing the update.

  1. I had to recognize that the non-intelligent setup/updater simply installed a parallel version of em Client to my emClient Softmaker version. It did not ‘see’ the other flavor (neither program, database, license)
  2. I deleted the update and ‘got back’ my old version.
  3. This install-delete process even fixed the previous error - not shutting down properly on win7 64 bit in 4.0.14690 (I guess by not 100% uninstalling the update)