Disappearing Emails?

For some reason my new emails will show up in the unread file, but when I read them they disappear. New emails do not show up in the individual file, only the unread?

so, if anyone responds to this email I have to sincerely apologize, especially since I am pretty well educated when it comes to computer applications. I recently converted to eM Client. When my unread file showed 84 unread files I thought I was losing my mind because they weren’t in the actual email files… what I found out is that they were emails I never read that were in my trash file from my old email account that traveled into my new account with eM… okay, so the moral is… empty your trash or it may make new things seem rotten:) I hope this helps any one else that fell victim to the trash conspiracy!

OK, thank you for the info. I am glad you resolved it :wink: