Disappearing emails

Emails are disappearing. I never delete things from my “sent” folder, yet, things I KNOW I’ve sent aren’t there. Sometimes I use the search function to search all folders for things and cannot find them. I need to be able to find sent and received messages.

Hi Becky,

Have you checked in Local Folders ?
If not enabled - It wil be via Menu > Tools > Settings

Smart Folders will appear above your accounts and Local Folders below your accounts.


I don’t know what makes it transfer to Local Folders. -i.o.w.  which setting - if any…

Maybe eM Client staff can enlighten us…


Nope, that wasn’t it. Everything in local folders was at least 9 months old. 

I’m sorry - I tried, but have no explanation.

Also no explanation why unsent mail doesn’t show in the Outbox of the account
and only shows in Outbox under Local Folders.
(Not your problem, but mine and many others)