disappearing contacts and non-wrapping text

Recently I noticed some of my contacts have simply disappeared.  And today an email contained long text that would not wrap even when maximized.  Thoughts?

Is it possible that your contacts are synced, and have been edited or deleted on another device? If they are synced, login to your web interface for that account and see if they are still there, or on the other device. If they are there, right-click on the contacts folder in eM Client, and choose Properties > Repair. You could also try closing eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe just to see if there are any errors in the database.

Sometimes you get an email that does not wrap. I would not worry about it unless it is happening with all emails. I always get it with one particular sender and I think it is just poor html generated by a CRM.

Missing contacts in EMClient are still on my cell phone.  The above remedies did not restore missing contacts.

What provider are the phone and eM Client synced with?

FWIW, I feel that email addresses on my computer should never be affected by what I have on any other device.  I’ll be looking for another email client.

If you save your contacts in Local Folders in eM Client, they will not be synced with any online service.