Disappeared local folders

I had approximately 20 Local folders with subfolders that have disappeared, many with a number of years of saved correspondence and data.
“Show local Folders” is checked and has been active at all times. Is there some way to locate and retrieve these Folders?

Do you regularly backup using eMC Backup? If so, any chance you have a backup prior to the “disappearance”?

Well I thought eMC back-up was enabled but it was not so there is no back-ups there. I have regular hard drive back-ups, would they be in there?
They were not deleted so must be hiding somewhere? And thanks.

Perhaps. Up to you to do some research.

To the left of the Local folders is a little symbol. If it looks like a greater than sign (>) then the folder is compacted. This is independent of the show local folders setting. If it is looking like a v then it is expanding the local folders. Are you sure you haven’t just compacted your local folders.

If that doesn’t do it, there should be a local folders backup in your computer backup and after a database rebuild that could work. In the future, ALWAYS setup backups, and always check to make sure they are working and Always have multiple copies.

A good policy is to use the programs backup and keep a number of copies then to make a backup of that backup. You should have 3 copies, on at least 2 devices, with at least 1 away from your computer.

Thankyou steveshank!

The Local folders is expanded and clicking on it results in “There are no messages to show in this view”.

It is probably apparent I am not that computer literate and your response keeps me from heading down the proverbial rabbits’ hole. I will get help to deal with this and then backup with a vengeance!

June 2022

I am in the process of changing to a new laptop and setting up my existing eM Client on it. I have backed up my files and then set up eM Client on my new laptop. It is bring over all of my existing emails, and even though I have checked the box to set up the local folders, it’s bringing ALL of my emails to just the INBOX and they are not sorting by file folders.

How do I bring over my folders as well? I do have my account set up as a POP account and not an IMAP account. Should I change something before I back up my files?


I have backed up my files and then set up eM Client on my new laptop.

Did you use the built-in eM Client backup ?

So I figured it ALL out.

So, firstly I changed the compatibility from Windows 11 to Windows 8. That seemed to recognize my Backup, from the Restore feature. (It did not recognize it before.)

Then I had to ensure that the backup was copied from my old laptop to the new one - in the right path.

From there - it was able to restore ALL of my data - including all of my aliases AND my Local Folders…

Thanks again for all of your assistance.