Disable synchronization

How do I tell eM Client to delete read mail on the server?
How do I tell eM Client NOT to synchronize whenever I delete a mail on my phone?
That is the way things were before my PC was reset.

For this you need to setup the account as POP3.

POP3 does not sync with the server, but rather only receives new messages from the server Inbox. If you delete a message on another device, as long as it was previously downloaded to eM Client, it will not be deleted in eM Client. You can also set POP3 to delete messages after they have been downloaded from the server, either immediately, or after some days.

Please see the Documentation here (or F1) on how to setup an account as POP3.

Thanks, Gary! I thought that it had something to do with IMAP/POP, but was unable to change the account from IMAP to POP on my phone, or create a POP account, at all. Within eM Client I was able to create a new POP account, but on the phone it took some research until I found a way to outsmart ‚ÄėArtificial Stupidity‚Äô and its human creator‚Ķ The trick was to submit an non-existing email address. Only then did the system present the option to choose IMAP or POP.
All is well now (I think)!

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