Disable Shared Calendar reminders

Is there a way to disable reminders on specific calendars?

I have shared calendars and it is annoying when somebody else’s reminders pop up. I would like to disable reminders for only these shared calendars.

Hello Ben, you can disable reminders for all calendars in their properties. Right click the calendar in the left pane and select Properties, in the properties you should be able to deselect the option to show reminders.

Hope this helps,

So, I’m having the same issue.  Only that I do un-check the “Show Reminders” in each calendar’s properties (I have many to keep track of) but when I open EmClient the next day they are all checked again.  For some reason, they keep resetting to show reminders.  Is there a way to not have to do this every day?

I have the same problem. any solution on this topic?