Disable popup 'Unable to detect whether eM Client is the default application'?

Currently I installed eM Client only as a second email client just to evaluate it for a while.

As I noticed when entering the options I got frequently a warning popup:

“'Unable to detect whether eM Client is the default application”

How can I permanently turn off this annoying popup?


Hello Peter,
can you please screenshot this pop up?
Also, please check the default app setting in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>General section. Is the ‘Make default’ button greyed out?


Ok, here is the snapshot.

No, button is NOT greyed out. But I don’t want to make it (yet) the default client

I am using Win 7 Pro 64bit

The error popup appears not at startup of eMClient but every time I click on menu “Settings”

can you check what version of eM Client are you currently running?
We have not encountered this issue before, so it would greatly help us in determining the cause of it.
The full number can be found in Help>About section.



Can you please try if the issue persists in 7.0.27804.0 ?

Yes, problem still exists

I consulted the issue and this popup appears when eM Client can’t access the information about the default program.
Do you perhaps use any security software that could limit eM Client in this way?
Either way, this is a stand-alone issue, since this would only happen when you try to open Settings.