Disable image in signature as attachment


Is there any way I can disable emClient to always attach image that I put inside my mail as attachment?

For example, most people use their company logo image in their signature. When sending or receiving email, this images will also sent/received as an attachment. Whenever I need to find an email with attachment, I want to only have emails that contains what people really attached.

Hi Abdul,

I don’t know whether eM Client can treat images inside a ‘signature’ NOT as attachments. I don’t think so, actually.

A solution for your situation might be to show the ‘size’ column of each e-mail in the grid/table with e-mails.

Then you can see in that column whether an e-mail has a big attachment (a real file) or only a very small attachment (image of signature).

Hi Abdul, unfortunately it is not possible to automatically add an attachment to all new emails / replies / forwards.
You can only add your company logo or any kind of image to your signature or template and include it as an inline attachment, thus the image will be shown each time the message is displayed unless plain text read format is enabled.

To add an inline image, just drag and drop the image on the signature/template setup or use the image icon to manually navigate to the image.

Hope this helps,

Abdul, Have you found any relief for this issue? I find it very distracting and confusing to have all of the signature images listed as attachments. Some way of filtering these out from the attachment list would be extremely helpful.

I have found it’s better to insert my logo as a link to a graphic online instead of embedding.  Those with iPhones seem to have issues with them.