Disable/Enable backup fails

Had the backup feature enabled and am going about it in a different way now, so I am trying to disable the backup. The checkbox is off, but the backups keep running and when I try to toggle the checkbox I receive the following Windows error (Win 10 Pro) and it just keeps running every night:

Does anyone who can help, have any idea what’s happening here and how to correct it? I checked to see if there was an entry in the system Task Scheduler, but nothing there is nothing there. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

For anyone happening across this error - I have been able to correct it. You have to explicitly use the “Run as Administrator” option when launching the emClient application. For Windows 10, if doing from the Start menu - right click on em Client, select “More” and the select “Run as Administrator”. If running from the TaskBar right click on the emClient icon, then right click on it again in the small pop-up menu that appears and then select “Run as Administrator”. This should correct the issue.

If the problem is occurring in Windows 7 as well, the same solution would likely work, but the exact keystrokes may be somewhat different.

I hope this helps.