Disable Database check

At startup the Database Check starts on its own and takes about 3-5 mins to complete. At the beginning of the day I need to reach  my mailbox first thing and find this delay frustrating and at times it hampers work too. 

I want to know how to disable this function or maybe schedule it at some other time.

Very Frustrated…Otherwise Happy with the Program.

I have the same problem :frowning: but it takes 15-20 mins

The check will only run when there is a problem with the database. There is no way to disable it and still open the database.

This is most likely caused by the application not being closed correctly. You could try to close the application before shutdown of Windows and see if that makes any difference.

eM Client are aware of the issue and currently working on a solution. See https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/em-client-was-not-closed-correctly

Running eM Client on number of machines in the office. And databases are really huge on them like couple hundreds of thousands e-mails. It is quite often users shutdown pc not correctly, unintentionally of course… and then it starts - couple hours of database check when user cannot do anything. At the end database is always ok. This is totally frustrating.
Is there a way to skip database check on startap and to do it manually when something goes really wrong? Or just have a possibility to abort check and load as it is?

It is not possible to skip the check. It will only happen if the database was not closed correctly, and skipping it could cause further corruption.

A lot of work was done recently to correct this problem. If you are not already doing so, download and install the latest version from https://emclient.com/release-history

If that is still not helping, open a support ticket with eM Client.

Thanks for yr prompt reply. All clients are latest version. But still… For instance it took 1.5 hours of database check on one of computers this morning. Such things are really frustrating and pushing to search for other options. Employee should work instead of drinking coffee and looking on monitor with stuck database check

It should not take that long. Best is for you to open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to help you further. 

I am using the latest version on Win 10 and still have the database check, on multiple machines. The problem has not been fixed. I like the program and want to use many pro versions, for our computers, but this is a show stopper.

We shut down the win 10 machines properly. About half the time, on reboot, we get the database check. Shutting down the em client, 10 minutes before windows shutdown, is not the answer.

Is there any update on this problem?

3 years later, nothing changed… awesome software. Don’t ever buy a license!

I just bought my fourth licence today. It’s clearly a sign of a happy customer. I can understand your frustration because of a missing feature for you that you value but I do not understand why you’re posting everywhere in this forum bashing eMC and its developers. If you’re unhappy with it I encourage you to return to Eudora or Thunderbird or whatever email client you were happy with.

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You have to understand that the database check is there for a reason.

SQL databases close in a specific way; the write ahead data needs be be written back to the dat files, otherwise there is data loss. If the database close is interrupted, this write back does not occur, and so when you next start the application, that process needs to be completed.

If you want to disable the database check, here is what you can do.

WARNING: This WILL result in data loss. Don’t do it!!
It just demonstrates what could happen if there is no database check after an incorrect close of the application.

  1. Allow eM Client to run for a short time during which some new data is received. Force eM Client closed using task manager.
  2. Go to the database directory and delete all .wal files, including from any sub-directories.
  3. Restart eM Client.
  4. See much of your data is now lost.

In previous versions you could cancel the database check, but that also usually resulted in a corrupt and unusable database that then had to be deleted.

My advice: be grateful that the database check is running as it is ensuring that your data is intact.

As @Son-of-A-Gun says, if you are unhappy with this application, find something else. There is such an amazing choice of clients out there.

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