Digitally signed messages not displayed properly


Due to my work duties I need to use both eM Client and MS Outlook (2013 32-bit). I use a digital signature in both application - obviously this is exactly the same certificate in both cases.

However, when I send a digitally signed message from Outlook I do not see its completely in eM Client. Surprisingly, I’m able to see its contents, but I cannot see three things from the message header:

  • the author,
  • the addressee(s),
  • the subject.

See attached screenshot:

I’m a bit confused - is there a solution for this? I’ve already tried reinstalling the certificate.

For a better explanation and comparison - here’s the same message in Outlook:


I have seen this before, most likely this is problem on Outlook’s side. Anyway send me faulty emails exported into .eml as attachment to my emails [email protected] together with this topic’s url and I will check it for to be sure.

with regards

Thanks John! I’ve just did as you told.

In the meantime I asked MS support on this issue but they claimed my Outlook configuration was correct. Well it should be, as it is just exactly the same as it used to be when this problem didn’t occur…

However, I don’t really trust MS support “experts” from their Indian support center…

hi, I have responded to you over email.

for other users: we are still working on this.