Digest emails comprising .eml attachments not expanding

Digest Emails with a number of .eml attachments don’t include them inline .

Other email clients (like Roundcube webmail) automatically include .eml attachments in the main email.

As I’m looking at a digest email of content, having to open each attachment in turn is more time consuming than simply scrolling down the email…

(If you would like a sample email, I’m happy to forward one to you…)

Hi Neil, eM client does not support .eml inline attachments, or if you have conversation view in mind, conversation view is currently not an available feature in eM client as discussed on the forum, we’re working on this feature and the feature should be available in the upcoming upgrades of eM Client.


Thanks, Paul. Look forward to it appearing…

It isn’t conversation mode, it is a simple digest email that I get daily that I’m looking at…